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About Vagabond House
Vagabond House presents our customers with Noble Materials, Inspired Lines and Captivating Styles. We are a family owned American company specializing in fine tableware, serving ware and gift ware. Artistically designed and finely crafted from the highest quality pewter and other rare, beautiful and durable natural materials. Our products are exclusively designed to be unique, functional heirlooms for those who seek to express tradition and style in both family and formal entertaining.

Our collections are inspired by our travels, the places we call home, and our Vagabond House family's love of nature, nurture, celebration, tradition and style. We are truly a global family and a global family business. Our corporate offices are located in the foothills outside of Los Angeles, California, yet at any time our family and business team members are scattered across the globe. We have to make an effort to be together for celebrations and believe that like our discerning customers, we work so hard to come together to create memories, each occasion, whether it is a simple week day dinner, a child’s birthday party or an elegant nuptial celebration deserves table and serve ware of the highest quality and style.

Our products reflect our belief that in a world of throw away tableware and disposable gifts it is not only environmentally distressing, it also is a world where memories are fleeting and traditions are forgotten. Our team of American designers focuses on creating exclusive, exquisite pieces that not only last a lifetime; they create a lifetime of memories for our discerning customers.

We stand behind our products 100% and welcome any comments or suggestions from our customers. We love hearing from you. Special product orders are available, inquire with our corporate offices.
We offer the full Vagabond House product catalog via Shop Local