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About Arthur Court
Arthur Court Designs has been pioneering aluminum table and giftware since the late 60's. Known for its unique designs and outstanding quality the brand, today headed by Creative Director Scott Haas, manufactures the majority of aluminum serve ware on the U.S. tableware market. Every single one of our pieces is handcrafted and –polished which allows us much better detail than in a machine made product. As all aluminum products, our items are freezer and oven safe (up to 350 degrees).

Spending time with family and friends, entertaining your most loved ones, enjoying each other, good food and drinks is the key to happiness. As long as you take care of the food and drinks, we got your presentation covered. From timeless platters and bowls to ornate trays and drinkware, Arthur Court Designs offers something for every style house and every theme party.

“We want your tableware to be as talked about as the food you serve on it.”
Scott Haas, Creative Director Arthur Court Designs
We offer the full Arthur Court product catalog via Shop Local